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Welcome to tecnopart

tecnopart is one of Asia’s foremost automotive and generator parts brand, leading the auto parts market in innovation and development. We have launched this new website as part of our endeavours to continuously improve our interaction with our customers.

We aim to make our brand more customer-friendly through our website in various ways, including the introduction of an interactive catalogue to make it easier for our customers to browse through our product list. We believe that our drive to improve our services underscores our commitment towards development and to our customers

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a globally recognized brand, committed to providing our customers with a guarantee of quality and excellence, leading the market in innovation and technology in our never-ending quest to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Mission

To make a contribution to our society by delivering the best quality in auto parts. tecnopart leads the auto parts market in innovation and development, striving continuously to improve our products.

About Us

Our company develops and procures high quality auto parts from different factories around the world. These items then go through a vigorous process of quality testing, after passing through which they are launched into the market. All our suppliers are continuously scrutinized to maintain our standards. In this complex market, our mission is to deliver guaranteed quality to our costumer

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